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young girl holding up mold of bracesWhy Are Braces Needed?

Your smile is often the first thing that other people notice about you, and you want it to make a good first impression. If you are sensitive about the way your smile looks, it could affect your self-confidence and the way that others view you. You could come off as shy if you refuse to smile when meeting new people, or worse — standoffish. There is no good reason to put off correcting your smile, especially when there are such excellent options available with today’s orthodontic technology.

Though many view braces as a right of passage for children, adults can also benefit from braces. Correcting crooked teeth or misaligned bites is important for many more reasons than simply aesthetics. Misalignments can cause pain and discomfort when speaking, eating, or resting, so it is important to work with a professional when correcting your smile. Centerburg Dental orthodontists will make sure that your smile stays healthy throughout its transformation, and are open to your feedback during your experience.

What Exactly Are Braces?

Traditional braces have come a long way, and they are highly effective while keeping the disruption to patients’ daily lives to a minimum. 

When you break it down, braces are made up of brackets, which can be made from metal or ceramic, and metal archwires, which guide your teeth into their new positions. The brackets adhere to your teeth, and the wires are threaded through the brackets.

What Choices Are There When it Comes to Braces?

At Centerburg Dental, we are happy to offer you choices when we consult with you at the beginning of your orthodontic journey. Our orthodontic experts provide the following options:

  • Ceramic brackets. This option is for patients with less extensive work to be done through their orthodontic experience. Ceramic brackets are translucent and designed to blend into your natural teeth. This is particularly ideal for adults who need braces, as they may be concerned about their professional appearance at work throughout their treatment. These types of brackets are resistant to stains over the period you will be wearing them.
  • Metal braces. This is the most traditional choice when it comes to braces. Metal braces have the advantage of being cost-efficient. We recommend using metal braces especially when the work to correct the alignment of your teeth is extensive, since you will be wearing them for longer. They are durable but comfortable.

What is the Process Like Getting Braces at Centerburg Dental?

When we work together to determine that braces are the right path for you during your initial consultation, we will also determine the type of braces that you will receive. Whether these are ceramic brackets or metal braces, the process of receiving them is very similar.

We will use a strong adherent to bond the brackets to the surface of your teeth. We will then thread an archwire through the brackets. This wire functions as the track that will help your teeth move into their proper positions for the alignment that works best for your bite and smile. All in all, the process takes about one or two hours.

From there, we will keep in close contact with you during the extent of your treatment. We would like to see you about once per month to make adjustments, talk about any issues that arise, make any necessary repairs, and address anything else that might be going on. These maintenance visits are generally quick — no more than thirty minutes, usually. 

The length of time that our patients wear their braces varies. Once your braces are removed, we will recommend that you wear an orthodontic retainer. These retainers are made from plastic and metal, and are customized to fit in your mouth and keep your teeth in their new alignment. The purpose of retainers is to allow your bones to adapt to accommodate the position of your teeth. 

How Long Do Braces Take to Fix Smiles?

Ultimately, your time with braces depends on how much work is required to correct the misalignments in your smile. The average time that our patients wear their braces is usually around a year-and-a-half. However, everyone is different. Some patients might see corrections complete in as little as six months. Others might wear their braces for up to three years before their orthodontic treatment is complete. During this time, we will consult you every step of the way. We usually see orthodontics patients once a month to manage their smile transformation. We may also recommend the use of a retainer once your braces have been removed to give the bones in your jaw a chance to adjust to the new alignment of your teeth.

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