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Woman holding up Invisalign moldWhat is Invisalign?

You may have heard the name Invisalign when it comes to correcting smiles. Invisalign is an innovative and fully customizable orthodontic solution to fixing your teeth. With this treatment plan, you will use a series of personalized clear plastic aligners to gradually correct your smile. 

If, during your initial orthodontic consultation, we determine together that Invisalign clear aligners are the best treatment plan for you, we will take an impression of your teeth and bite at our office and send it to Invisalign. From that impression, Invisalign will create your personalized aligners and generate what your smile should look like at the end of treatment. Within a couple of weeks, you will have your aligners.

Invisalign can address everything from crooked teeth and crowding of teeth in your mouth due to overlapping positions of teeth in your mouth, to gaps caused by either genetics or shifting because of missing teeth and bad bites. Orthodontists pay especially close attention to the way that you bite, as misalignment from overbites, underbites, crossbites, and open bites can affect your comfort and health. Misaligned bites can cause pain in your jaw if not addressed.

Your mental health and sense of self-confidence are also important factors to take into consideration. Wanting a straight and beautiful smile is not about vanity. Knowing that your smile looks good is important when conveying confidence at job interviews, when meeting new people, and interacting with people you already know. If you do not like the way your current smile looks, it could make you less likely to want to go out in public, take chances on job opportunities, or make connections with other people. This could have a lasting negative impact on your mental health, as well, which is why our Centerburg Dental orthodontic team is eager to talk to you about your options when it comes to Invisalign and getting the smile that you want to have.

How is Invisalign Different from Traditional Braces?

Invisalign’s clear plastic aligners are much less noticeable than traditional metal or even ceramic bracket braces. That is why many adults who need orthodontic work done choose to go the clear aligner route — they can easily speak and interact with colleagues and clients without the distraction of traditional braces. The clear aligners also have the added convenience of easy removal. Though you are encouraged to wear your aligners the majority of the day, you can slip them off when eating and drinking — as well as when you complete your normal healthy oral hygiene habits of brushing and flossing. Some people find this method to be easier than trying to brush and floss around traditional braces, which must remain in your mouth for the duration of your treatment. 

How Long Does Invisalign Take to Correct Smiles? 

Just like every person is different, every mouth is different. It is hard to pinpoint exactly how long you will be wearing your aligners during your orthodontic treatment plan. However, on average, most patients wear their aligners for about a year before they are able to complete treatment. Your personal time will depend on the extent of the work that needed to be completed to align the smile, how your teeth and mouth respond to the treatment, and other factors. Not to worry — we will be checking in with you every step of the way to make sure that everything goes according to plan.

What Are the Advantages of Getting Invisalign Through Centerburg Dental?

You might have noticed advertisements for getting Invisalign or other clear plastic aligners through the mail. While this may have the advantage of convenience, we would not recommend that you undergo orthodontic procedures on your own. The advantage of working with the orthodontic team at Centerburg Dental is that we are, first and foremost, concerned with your health. We seek to correct your smile not only to give you the confidence of straight teeth, but also to adjust your bite and fix any issues that may affect your oral health. Mail-order products do not address bites or health — they are a purely cosmetic fix to your smile.

At Centerburg Dental, we will involve you at every step of your Invisalign treatment. We will check in with you on a regular basis to make sure that your smile transformation is going to plan. You can call us at any time if you have any questions or concerns about your Invisalign aligners — or if you are not seeing the results that you expected. This is an added benefit of working with us instead of a mail-order aligner company. We can tailor your treatments and make any adjustments to the plan that you might require.

Are you curious about whether Invisalign clear aligners would work for your orthodontic needs? Give us a call at 740-480-8162 to chat!

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